Miners' Pension and Health

Bipartisan American Miners Act

In the final days of 2019, the United Mine Workers Union and the miners it represents won a hard-fought victory to secure federal funding for pensions and health benefits earned by retired and laid off miners. 

After more than four years of massive rallies, public hearings and lobbying by retired miners, Congress finally passed the Bipartisan American Miners Act of 2019. The bill strengthens funding for the 1974 Miner Pension Plan, which provides pensions to 92,000 retired miners and their families. The bill also secures health benefits to 13,000 coal miners who worked for coal companies that have recently gone bankrupt.

Congratulations to the UMWA and everyone who worked so hard and long to protect those essential health and retirement benefits.

Passing the American Miners Act of 2019 is an important first step towards fixing what’s broke for workers, families and communities who have powered our old economy. And it’s a powerful example of what is possible when people come together, organize, and demand a Just Transition.